From gold pans and instruction to dredges and metal detectors
we have all your needs for gold prospecting.

Learn to Pan For Gold

We offer free, hands-on demonstrations to teach you the correct technique to pan for gold so you will be able to find gold on your own. 
No appointment is necessary, and it's not usually longer than a 15 minute wait time.

Tools and Equipment

Sales and Rentals of Prospecting Equipment.

Pans - Trowels - Vials - Sluice Boxes -Classifying Screens - Guzzlers
Pokes - Shovels - Buckets-Dredges and Metal Detectors 


Panning Tubs

(Our Panning Tubs are a small black trough filled with water where you can pan for your gold without going to the river.)

Swift River and East/West Branches

Many locations are open to the public if you want to go to the River to pan.
We can guide you in the right direction.


We rent gold pans, classifying screens, trowels and sluice boxes.
All rentals require a refundable cash deposit

Off-Site Rental Fees

Pans and Classifying Screens . . $2.50/day
With a $7.50 each deposit
Trowels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00 /day
(small garden shovels)

Sluice Box, Bucket, Shovel . . . . $15-$20/day
With an $100 deposit


Buckets of river gravel enriched with gold flakes. 
8 oz. containers.....$5
16 oz. containers......$10
1 Gallon Buckets.....$50.....contain a larger piece or two with the other flakes.

The paydirt buckets can be used in our panning pool with use of our pans, or taken home.

Big Nugget Photo Album

Find a gold nugget 3 grains or larger and get your picture in our Big Nugget Photo Album! Check it out when you visit us.

Larger Groups of 6 or more Please call ahead for Reservations

Authorized Dealer


Gold was first discovered here in Byron, Maine in the 1840’s. Over the years much gold has been taken from the Swift River and the East and West Branches.
At the turn of the century, there was even a gold mining operation up and running with a stamp mill for crushing the rock and retrieving the gold, although it wasn’t finding enough gold to stay in business. It stayed in operation for a few extra years by devising a stock scam, which was eventually revealed.
During the depression many people took up prospecting as a means of supplementing poor incomes.
A lady whom grew up here with her family panned enough gold to send her through college.
Still today people are interested in prospecting for gold here in Byron. It’s fun and never know when you’re going to find that nice nugget!
Come try your hand at panning for gold. It’s a family activity that everyone can enjoy.

Link to Central Maine Gold Prospector’s Club Site where you can join their club, attend their outings and meetings, and share in the passion for gold prospecting.